Emerging Gadgets in the World of Technology

We all love to see the launch of a new gadget, something for entertainment, or that will make our lives easier, or maybe help us make better decisions. That’s why we put together some of the most interesting and innovative gadgets in the world of technology right now. If you’re a lover of gadgets and […]

Foldable Mobile Phones Could Soon Be a Thing

A thin mobile phone that you can roll up like a piece of paper? That’s not science fiction. It’s soon to become science fact and innovation reality, if Samsung has its way. The phone generating the most buzz right now is the Samsung Galaxy S10, which launches in New York on February 20th. The Ten, […]

Samsung Comes of Age

What phones are Trinis and Tobagonians carrying in their hands, handbags and pockets? No one has done a strict accounting, but it’s clear to any observer that Samsung phones are among the most popular devices. Now Samsung is gearing up for the 10th anniversary of the launch of their hugely popular Galaxy line of smartphones. […]

How Technology Has Changed Home Security

In collaboration with Essentia Security. The historical relationship between crime and technology is a fascinating study. From depression-era bank robbers using newly manufactured mobile machines as getaways to cyber criminals using lines of code to steal an identity, there seems to be no end to the egregious abuse of modern-day conveniences by nefarious individuals. It makes […]

5 Best Tech Gadgets to Have When You Travel

Most frequent travellers know, unless it can’t be avoided, it’s better to travel light. The upsides are endless: avoiding the lines at check-in, minimal baggage charges and manoeuvring large busy airports quickly. Still, as lightly as you pack, some gadgets are downright essential to improving your travel experience. Nowadays, some gadgets are becoming so important […]

Is Technology Designed To Separate Us From Our Money?

While we can admit that most technological innovations are aimed at making life easier, we cannot deny that they are making one element a bit more difficult…saving money. Remember those days when we actually had to leave our homes for every product we needed to obtain or any service we required? Remember when it was […]

Is Technology Ruining Your Relationship?

With all of the technological changes that continue to happen around us, there are some things that remain the same. Within the last two decades we have seen a rapid evolution of many technological advancements within the region and the world. From email to Instant Messenger Chat, the electronic beeper, TDMA cellular phones and GSM […]

A Techy Christmas

For tech lovers, Christmas is the opportune time to splurge on the trendiest gadgets without feeling too guilty. The very essence of our lives is fashioned around technology, so much so that it has become an extension of ourselves. A mainstay of the digital revolution, technology has consumers yearning to always have the latest gadgetry, […]

How To Stay Abreast In A Tech-Driven World

In the rapidly evolving age of technology, it may seem quite impossible to keep up with new products on the market and tech trends. Techies are always ahead of the crowd, seamlessly integrating the latest tech gadgets into their daily lives with a depth of understanding that is astounding.  On the other side of the […]