Personal Safety

Personal Safety

While most Trinidadians are able to go about their daily lives without being seriously affected by criminal activity, there are still valid reasons to take precautions in all areas and at all times. Rates for serious crimes, such as robbery and murder, are relatively high for such a small population.

So follow some simple steps when going out and about in T&T.

Try not to go out alone, especially at night. The nightlife scene is tempting and should definitely be enjoyed, but establishing a buddy system is a good idea. If some of you want to have fun and down some drinks, that’s great! But make sure there is at least one person with a sober head in the group who can keep track of everyone. Important personal belongings, such as wallets and expensive jewellery, should be inconspicuously stored on your person when in public as well.

Employ only registered tour guides, taxi services (H cars), and other industry professionals. Ask for verification of their legality upon meeting if necessary, or inquire from trusted local contacts where to source official businesses for your purposes.

Take note of all the emergency contacts for the area you are staying in. Also, note of the contact information for your country’s embassy or consulate in T&T prior to visiting or as soon as possible when you land. They might be able to help you in the event of an emergency.