For tech lovers, Christmas is the opportune time to splurge on the trendiest gadgets without feeling too guilty.

The very essence of our lives is fashioned around technology, so much so that it has become an extension of ourselves. A mainstay of the digital revolution, technology has consumers yearning to always have the latest gadgetry, which is tantamount to the advanced technological society that we live in.

Tech gifts are in high demand by many tech-savvy consumers, with companies aiming to capitalise on the influx of revenue generated from annual sales, especially at this time of the year.

With new technologies emerging every day, shopping for the perfect tech gift is no easy task. The steadfast release of new technologies and new hybrid versions of its former self on the market, will ultimately impact on what consumers purchase during this holiday season.

While there are many favourites in 2016, there is no one distinct, must have gift, like in 2015 with the hoverboard, which saw sales skyrocketing, as children and adults alike were getting in on the craze. Nevertheless, popular brands like Mac, Sony and Apple are definitely getting the second look.

This year’s tech gifts offerings range from cutting edge laptops to watches, Bluetooth speakers, videocams, game consoles and printing devices. Here’s a look at some tech gift ideas to add to your wish list this Christmas:

As we know, Christmas is for children who anticipate opening their presents, so not to be forgotten, here are trending tech gifts that are child user-friendly:

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