Why Exercise Is Important To Us

Keep in mind that our not so distant ancestors were used to walking everywhere they wanted to and traversed long distances, just to seek food and shelter. It is safe to say that our bodies, over time, have become accustomed to being physically active and it is undeniably required.

A car that is parked for too long without driving starts to give problems. In the same way, if people are engaged in an inactive lifestyle and are not engaging in enough physical activity, they can start to experience problems if they continue this regime. So, being a couch potato all the time is certainly not a good idea; neither is waiting until a couple months before carnival to race to join a gym, or breathlessly run 2 laps around the savannah, King George the 5th Park, or attempting to make it up Lady Chancellor in 20 minutes.


Try to do it on a regular basis because exercise and staying active has a plethora of benefits. Some of these are:
-Increased levels of energy
-Improved muscle strength
-Helps you keep your weight in check
-Promotes improved functioning of the brain
-Good for your heart
-Gives your immune system a boost
-Helps prevent depression and other types of mental illnesses

There is an abundance of evidence that physically active people have a lower probability of falling ill and are very likely to have a longer life span. Contrary to popular belief, getting in shape or just becoming a ‘healthier you’, does not have to be lacklustre. If the gym is not your thing, then there are many other alternatives to getting active. Feel free to take a less traditional route and opt for an activity that you are actually excited about. It can even be something you have wanted to do for a long time; finally take up that karate or swimming class.

With all this being said though, anything that gives you a sweat, gets your heart beating and motivates you enough to want to keep doing it, is good for you in almost every way.

Feel good, be healthy and stay active!



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