Who Should Cook?

The woman was basically responsible for all chores within the household. Cooking is one of those tasks that were done predominantly by the women in the family while the men provided the money to buy whatever was needed.

The Shift

There has been, significant changes in the structure of society which has impacted family dynamics and given rise to noticeable shifts in gender roles and functions within new and emerging families. Men are no longer the sole providers and women now have been integrated into the workforce, resulting in a more financially empowered group.  Both parties now spend as much as 8-10 hours at their respective jobs resulting in shared household tasks.

For millennials, who grew up in a households where the traditional gender roles were observed their ideals may not be as conventional as those of their parents. Clearly defined roles between men and women has now been blurred and there is now an overlapping of roles. One of the most evident changes is the role in the kitchen. Men are now more than ever helping out with preparing meals for the family, they are no longer content with having their mothers or significant others prepare meals for them.

Stepping Up

Young men are going off to college and being forced to, ‘by trial and error’ fend for themselves. This new independence comes with the responsibilities associated with being on your own, doing laundry, cleaning and cooking for one’s self. After college is when most men recognize that their mates also have just as demanding professional lives as they do and consequently are willing to share in the responsibilities of preparing meals. There is also the fact that men are delighted that some women tend to be quite impressed by men who can cook and as a result make an effort in the kitchen to woo potential mates.


Couples also use cooking as a bonding exercise. While food is being prepared they use that time to discuss matters related to their work, finances and other aspects of their daily lives. Cooking becomes less of a chore assigned to a specific individual and more of an opportunity to spend time together.

For most, there is a satisfaction derived from cooking their food themselves, a sense of accomplishment almost. There is therefore no single person responsible for cooking. If you’re hungry whip yourself up a meal. There are thousands of recipes and videos available that would make the experience a simply enjoyable one.



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