Teaching Your Kids To Give Back

We have to teach them that caring about others is good and that it is good to help those in need. To do this may require exposing your young ones to the not so ideal situations or realities of our world: poverty, illness, disasters and any other situation that may result in another individual being in a state of need.

Here are a few practical suggestions to incorporate giving back into your child’s life:

Lead by example

Children are experts at mimicking the actions of their parents and guardians hence it would be ideal if you practiced what you preach. Children learn best by example and this is no exception. Share with your child how and why you give of yourself, and the story of why that particular cause is important to you. Make the cause interesting and when possible have the little one accompany you to an event that will give them a better appreciation of what you are attempting to do.

Do it together  

Volunteering as a family is not only a way for children to experience charitable activities first hand but also a way to create long lasting memories with those you love. Have a conversation as a family and decide on a cause that everyone can be involved in. By working together the parent can actively teach the child many life skills as well as the importance of being generous to individuals who are less fortunate.

Follow their interest

It is important to find a charity that resonates with your child. If your child loves the environment get them in a group that specializes in preserving our flora and fauna. It is worth knowing that your child’s interest in a particular group may not extend longer than one project and that is fine. Giving to different organizations can provide the child with a sound understanding of varying causes within your community. What is of utmost importance is that you are supportive of their choice of charity. The more involved they are in their choice of charities the more active they will be.

Give through their school

Supporting any charitable initiative suggested by the school is a very simple way to get your child involved. Children are usually very eager to partake in activities in school. They would also have the opportunity of performing these activities with their peers. If your child’s school does not do charity programs, take the initiative and have your child start one.

Giving to others promotes happiness, enhances your sense of purpose and increases levels of satisfaction in your life. Therefore teaching your child to be charitable is good not only for your community but also for your child.



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