Top Places in Trinidad and Tobago to Unwind After Carnival

Trinidad Carnival is an unforgettable event that is brimming with vigor, excitement, and nonstop fun. However, it’s time to take a break and recharge after days of partying and nonstop revelry. Trinidad and Tobago has a variety of locations that are ideal for relaxing after the carnival season, whether you’re looking to soak up the […]

LITT’s Top 10 Trini TikTokers of 2021

Tiktok is the reigning application and social platform right now. People from every corner of the globe have been showcasing their talents via the app and we’re here for it. But let’s zero in on our beautiful twin islands, Trinidad & Tobago. There are so many talented Trinbagonians rolling out amazing content day after day. […]

5 Hiking Trails in Trinidad & Tobago | Nature Trekking in T&T

Grab your best pair of hiking shoes, pack your supplies and let’s explore some must-see spots in sweet T&T! If quarantine life has taught us anything, it’s that there is so much more to our beloved twin islands than our malls, restaurants and bars. Last year social media got taken over by nature walk pictures […]

Ultimate Travel Checklist for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival is epic. It is indeed the greatest show on Earth! But you already know this and that’s why our twin island republic is the next country you’ll check off your bucket list of travel destinations. You’ve purchased your ticket, booked your hotel and are beside yourself with excitement thinking about all […]

5 Must-Have Caribbean Experiences for your Next Trip

These Caribbean islands are bursting with adventurous activities, clear waters, and stunning natural sites. Beyond the pristine beaches and luxurious resorts, the Caribbean is a culturally rich, fascinating place where every island has something surprising to offer. Here we will look at 5 great things to do in the Caribbean, but these are just a […]

Dear Young Trinbagonian Girl…

Dear Young Trinbagonian Girl, You can be anything you want. Historically, women like Audrey Jeffers and Beatrice Grieg, amongst many other remarkable women, fought to be able to work as your teacher, doctor, police officer and even your mail-woman, to name a few. They fought to make sure that they had a seat at the […]

All Roads Lead to Kelrosa Eco Sanctuary

Do you need a local getaway? A place to de-stress from work or reconnect with your family and friends without having to board a plane? Kelrosa Eco Sanctuary, situated in the quiet countryside of Tableland, provides the staycation you need throughout any time of the year. A true Trinidad and Tobago experience that exemplifies an […]

Trinidad and Tobago’s Own Food Network Star

Unless you’ve been in a Carnival bubble for the past few weeks, you may have heard that a daughter of Trinidad and Tobago’s soil has been winning accolades on television programmes on Food Network. Dr. Winnette McIntosh Ambrose is a combination of brainiac, foodie, and pure awesomeness! Bringing our local zeal and ingenuity to the table, […]

Are you a Trini or ‘Bago Traveller?

Considered the gateway to the Americas and the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is one destination with two uniquely amazing experiences. Trinidad and Tobago is a lot like my sister and I, anything but identical and proud of what makes them unique. Don’t be fooled. Although this is an island nation, it takes more than one […]

Bamboo Chronicles Part I – The Spare Parts Maze

So you bought a foreign-used car and after the ‘honeymoon period’ your car starts asking for attention. No problem, just go to a trusted mechanic and explain the symptoms that your vehicle is experiencing. Sooner or later after much examination, the mechanic is probably going to tell you that you need a part. Chances are, […]