4 Easy DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Nobody loves Christmas more than children do, so to get them in the holiday mood, consider these simple craft ideas that they will definitely love. These fun Christmas activities will create more than just ornaments, they represent memories for years to come. Bristol Board Christmas Bulbs Materials: Bristol Board Construction Paper Plastic Wrap   Scissors […]

Life in Trinidad’s Ultimate Chow Chow Recipe

Want to wow your family this Christmas with a chow chow recipe of your own? Try our ‘ultimate chow chow’ recipe below to heat things up this Christmas. Ingredients for your Chow Chow 1 cup chopped onion 1 cup chopped mangoes 1 tsp garlic powder 1 cup chopped carrots ½ cup white or apple cider […]

11 Christmas Pet Peeves That Are All Too Real

Christmas is a time of year that promises joy, happiness and pure vibes for the season. However, the season also brings with it a few annoyances that most Trinbagonians will agree are just plain irksome. Christmas Eve Crowds At The Malls A general affinity for procrastination means that Trinbagonians leave their shopping for the twelfth […]

[VIDEO] Despacito – The Trini Christmas Parang remix

Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ broke the Internet in 2017! From Major Lazer and MOSKA’s EDM version to the debatably hilarious I Wear Speedos remix, this song invaded our radios for the majority of the year and spewed a slew of remakes. Very much like salt, Trinis were sure to get in on the action. Check out the beautiful and […]

A Techy Christmas

For tech lovers, Christmas is the opportune time to splurge on the trendiest gadgets without feeling too guilty. The very essence of our lives is fashioned around technology, so much so that it has become an extension of ourselves. A mainstay of the digital revolution, technology has consumers yearning to always have the latest gadgetry, […]

Healthy Options For Christmas Delicacies

Trying to eat healthy this Christmas? We have great suggestions on how to make special holiday treats that are tasty and good for you. At Christmas time, a lot of people feel like they rarely have choices that are as tasty as traditional Christmas delicacies. Traditional holiday dishes like pastelle, ham and chow chow, ponche […]