Paradox Studios TT Launches the Growth Technology Stack

Businesses Can Now Access the Tools and Training Needed to Run a Successful Online Business Powered by WordPress and WooCommerce Port-of-Spain, 20th May 2020: Paradox Studios TT, a Caribbean-based disruptive digital agency is giving businesses the opportunity to grow their digital presence and increase online sales with the Growth Technology Stack (GTS). Navigating the New Normal The […]

Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin

So you go to your local parlour to buy a few things. Your total comes up to twenty dollars. You hand over a purple bill and the cashier gives you a receipt for the amount. No intermediary needed, payment received and proof of payment handed over in a friendly exchange by the two parties involved. […]

5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail and How To Prevent It

One of the interesting things about entrepreneurship is the reason behind failed businesses. Some people successfully embark on one business venture after the other, while others struggle to get a handle on a single initiative that ultimately fails.  The scary part of a crashing business is that the owner is usually unconscious of it until […]

Are you a Trini or ‘Bago Traveller?

Considered the gateway to the Americas and the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is one destination with two uniquely amazing experiences. Trinidad and Tobago is a lot like my sister and I, anything but identical and proud of what makes them unique. Don’t be fooled. Although this is an island nation, it takes more than one […]

Why Being Socially Responsible Matters

Once management understands that the success of their business depends greatly on how their organisation is perceived, they will ensure that they engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Businesses are a vital part of every community in which they operate, as they offer both goods and services to the community. Business corporations in the past […]

Poverty Is Trending – Do Not Follow

If you are currently depending on the income from your safe, secure job, you may want to rethink this approach in 2017. Doom and Gloom… If you are reading this, chances are you’ve already heard the bad news. The inflation rate in Trinidad & Tobago continues to rise. Foreign currency is becoming increasingly difficult to […]