Exploring the Wonders of Eco-Tourism with HADCO Experiences

Exploring the Wonders of Eco-Tourism

HADCO Experiences provides a distinctive range of locations, each guaranteeing an amazing trip into the heart of nature’s wonders, in a world where eco-tourism is increasingly acknowledged as a sustainable and ethical way to explore our planet. This eco-tourism provider is dedicated to providing not just vacations but immersive experiences in diverse landscapes. From lush […]

6 Common Birds Found In Trinidad & Tobago

  Blue-gray Tanager The Blue-gray Tanager, otherwise known as the ‘Bluejean’ is a most common species of birds found roaming in gardens around Trinidad and Tobago. They originate mostly in Mexico and North Brazil and is mostly known for it’s vibrant high pitch calls and bright blue feathers. Blue-Crowned Motmot The first distinctive feature of […]

5 Things Trinis Should Be Proud Of

1. One of the HOTTEST peppers in the world – Moruga Scorpion Pepper Move over ghost pepper, there’s a new winner in town. The Moruga Scorpion pepper, grown right here in Trinidad and Tobago, has been recently named one of the hottest peppers in the world. This is not just island hearsay. In fact, the […]