Signs the Doubles Lashing (a.k.a. Tastes Amazing)

When it comes to the vast array of street food found in Trinidad and Tobago, many will attest to doubles being the main squeeze. Bae, as the young people tend to say.

Here are a couple signs, submitted by locals, to help you choose a doubles vendor.

“When you’re not sure the person is eating the doubles or making love. The look on their face is as though the doubles is hitting the right spot and for that moment in time nothing else exists in the world.”

“Sometimes, all it takes is one bite to feel as though you’ve transcended and you’re convinced the sauce reached your soul.”

“It must have a particular texture. The barra must be light and airy when freshly fried and the insides must have the right proportion of mashed channa to soft whole channa grains. The texture is very important and something a lot of people tend to overlook. It’s a beautiful dance of sweet, salt, and spice.”

“If the doubles vendor isn’t selling Solo Apple J then what’s the point?”

“The barra needs to be light without overuse of saffron and not too thick. The channa must be perfectly sized and well-seasoned. Pepper must compliment the doubles, with a touch of chadon beni and sweet sauce, but not too much.”


“When the pepper is hot and your nose is dripping but you still continue blissfully.”

“Eating a bess (great) doubles has its own sound bite and it goes like “tssssss ahh.”

“When your entire body is involved in the eating process. You involuntarily start nodding your head, your feet start moving, and for some people, even waist starts pelting (wining, also dancing).”


“A doubles is great when it doesn’t even need pepper or any extra sauces. It’s so good you even lick your elbows.”

“When you lick the paper and then accidentally eat it.”

“When you didn’t even realise you ate three doubles without stopping. Not speaking from experience or anything! :-)”

P.S. “Never trust a doubles man who uses the white paper.”  



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