Food Shortages in Tobago

Local livestock farmers from Trinidad and Tobago are unhappy and have joined voices in decrying the hardship they are currently facing due to the issues with the cargo and ferry service at the sea bridge. According to the livestock farmers, the country is set to face major financial issues if the sea and air bridge issues unaddressed. 

With regular breakdowns and inefficiencies in servicing, the cry of the farmers is that their appeal is falling on deaf ears.

“They have been promising us a new boat for a number of years now,” one farmer explained. Christopher Campbell, a Trinidadian goat farmer lamented about how the island of Tobago is having to make do with spoiled food items because of the crisis involving transportation of livestock through the seabridge.

Tobago Chamber of Commerce chairman Demi John- Cruikshank stated that island is on the brink of a food shortage and shelves are empty in many supermarkets. Furthermore, with lower supply, the costs of goods and services will go up, placing extra pressure on the citizens.



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