Eating Ourselves to Death

Non-Communicable Diseases

NCDs include cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cancers and obesity. Each year our government spend millions of our taxpayers’ dollars to provide costly treatments for those who require them. This puts significant strain on the health budget as resources are being used to treat these diseases, when they can be used towards initiatives that focus on disease prevention.

Constraints such as lack of time, money, education and the unwillingness to make healthy lifestyle changes a priority are among the many contributing factors to these diseases. Our diet in Trinidad is also high in carbohydrates and calories with fast foods like doubles and fries and chicken among the foods most consumed which increases our risk of getting these diseases.

Your health is in your hands

NCDs are lifestyle diseases and as a result are preventable. Following these two easy steps can assist in reducing the possibility of being at risk.

1) Read food labels

Food labels contain the nutritional content found in the food you are about to purchase. People seldom take the time to peruse labels and are therefore unaware of what they are putting into their bodies. Spend a few minutes while shopping to review that cereal before tossing it into your shopping cart.

2) Engage in Physical Activity

Regular physical activity not only improves your mood, but also can help reduce your risk of several diseases and health conditions. Daily physical activity can help prevent cardio-vascular diseases by strengthening heart muscles, improving the body’s blood flow as well as increasing the capacity of your heart to function. The reduction of body fat through physical activity can also aid in controlling diabetes and obesity.

Though there are many contributing factors to lifestyle diseases, engaging in these two activities can go a long way in reducing this critical health threat to our country’s citizens.



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