5 Bedroom Changes That Can Spice Up Your Love Life

The amount of sex you have with your partner and your level of enjoyment is determined by several factors – your mood, relationship satisfaction, time, energy, and family commitments, just to name a few. But, what if we told you that with a few simple fixes, you can transform your bedroom back into the space where the magic takes place.

Covering the Basics: Privacy

Before we even get into the ‘nitty-gritty’ of redecorating the bedroom, you must know that privacy is key. According to Dana Fillmore, a Psychologist who specializes in couples and marriage, “nothing can turn off the mood more quickly than someone walking in on you and your partner.” If you have the lovely privilege of sharing a home with several family members, you may be able to relate all too well. Simply ensure that you have a pretty solid door with a functional lock to keep spontaneous guests out, and hang a Do Not Disturb sign so that they get the full picture.

Now that we have established the basics, let’s get to spicing up that bedroom once again! Here are 5 ways to help rekindle that spark you and your spouse once had.

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Grab a Paintbrush

You may not realize it, but the colour of your bedroom is just one external factor that could be affecting your sex life. Research has shown that ironically, in spite of red being the colour of passion and love, couples with red bedrooms had the least sex; on average once a week. On the contrary, those with caramel coloured walls were averaging at three times a week. Try calmer colours throughout and maybe an accent wall for a pop of colour, rather than overpowering the entire bedroom.


Eliminate Distractions

This may prove to be difficult for most because who wants to relocate that new flat screen TV? Yes, you like to lie in bed and watch the news, followed by the new episode(s) of your favourite show(s); but, sacrifices must be made. Try to do so in another room, and when you retire to bed, that’s you and your partner’s time…with no distractions.

Switch Up Your Furniture

Whenever things are in a particular spot for so long that it feels routine, it’s time to make a switch around. If possible, change the direction of your bed for a new look. Invest in some new silk sheets and curtains, change up the pillows and pillowcases and add some throw pillows. What about adding a rug and pouf at the foot of your bed all within the colour scheme? You can even hang a lovely piece of artwork on the wall. Create your own replica of a hotel room to remind you of your honeymoon night.

Tone Down the Lights

It’s no secret that soft lighting sets the romantic mood. Add new lamps at either side at the head of the bed to give touches of soft lighting. If you can afford to, add a dimmable chandelier that also adds some glamour.

Scents and Sounds

It takes a little more than looks to set the mood. Smell affects the areas of your brain that projects feelings and perceptions. Scented candles are perfect to create a perfect romantic setting. With fragrances like cinnamon, vanilla and lavender, it’s hard to resist the ambiance created by the warm scent of a glowing candle. Body lotions, fragrance oils and body sprays are other alternatives, but none of those can offer the dim, romantic lightings like candles can. To further enhance, have a small bedroom radio near to your bed to add that romantic mood music, which brings it all together.

Ultimately, we know that there are other contributing factors, both internal and external, to spruce back up that sex life that you and your partner once had. Redecorating your bedroom may be a simple, external factor, but it sure is a good start to recreating that magic of two becoming one, in a romantic haven.



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