School is out for the Christmas vacation and your kids need entertainment!

Instead of gluing their eyes to the nearest television, phone, tablet, or laptop, they can engage in fun art and craft activities. It’s a great way to keep an eye on them while you’re busy making the perfect Christmas meal for your friends and family. Stock your Craft Corner with all the art supplies outlined below, attach a list of instructions with a picture to your activity board and leave the kids to it! Here are some suggestions for fun Christmas activities.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments


Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree décor this year with some homemade ornaments. Leave some room on your tree for your kids to hang their very own Bristol Board Christmas Bulbs, Clothes Pin Snowflakes or Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes. The thrill of decorating their Christmas tree on Christmas Day with their own personalised ornaments will create just the right atmosphere of Christmas cheer for the season. Kids 5 and up can participate in this activity.

Crafty Christmas Cards

Christmas Day brings us many things to be grateful for. Have your kids craft their own Christmas cards to share, outlining in their own way the things they are most appreciative of. It’s a heart-warming creative exercise that your kids will love! Kids 6 and up can participate in this activity.

Boxing Day Gift Baskets

Why keep the tradition of giving so close to home? Make the tradition of donating to charity on Boxing Day fun and rewarding. After helping your kids choose what they would like to donate to the charity of their choice, allow to create a beautiful basket that they will be proud to give to the less fortunate. Kids 5 and up can participate in this activity.

New Year’s Day Calendars


Prep your kids for the New Year, by having them make their own personalised New Year’s Calendars for their rooms. They can conceptualise their own themes for each month through words or pictures, or use this Life In Trinidad guide for a themed calendar. This is a great organisational exercise that gives your kids something to look forward to. Kids 7 and up can participate in this activity.

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