What are your Top 5 tunes for Carnival 2019?

Contribution from Orin Gordon, Media Consultant – Guyana born, GT and London bred, T&T resident. @ him on twitter, @oringordon. The quality of the songs this carnival season was the highest it’s been for some time. I’m not instinctively a Soca lover – I usually say that the classic reggae of Beres and Barrington is […]

International Women’s Day 2019: #BalanceForBetter

The first ever celebration of a Women’s Day was on February 28th, 1909 in the United States of America, by the Socialist Party of America under the guidance of Theresa Malkiel. During this post-Industrial Revolution period in the early twentieth century, women in the U.S.A. were still politically and socially disenfranchised. This era of labour […]