Sasha Gates – As ‘Real’ As It Gets

The was born to Trinidadian parents Bernadette Philbert and Keith Dindayal in Toronto, Canada. While she was not born in Trinidad, her Trini roots go deep. So much so, her friends threw her a Carnival-themed baby shower to celebrate her first child. That year, she was unable to make it to Trinidad for the carnival festivities because of her pregnancy and had a serious ‘Carnival tabanca.’ Her love for all things Trini is undeniable.

Sasha is currently making waves in Hollywood as one of the stars of the E! show WAGS, a reality series that follows the fabulous lives of wives and girlfriends of athletes. The show recently wrapped its second season and should announce the third soon. She is married to Antonio Gates, an All Pro NFL player with the San Diego Chargers.

But the beauty is not only concerned with life in the fast lane and is not content to just stay at home. She says, “I want to open doors and opportunities for my children. For me, I will never be content in this life until I know I have done everything I could possibly do. I don’t care how much money I have, I will always continue to try to hit the lottery ten million times more. There is more to me than just a mother and wife. I want to set an example for my daughter that she can have anything she wants. I want to contribute to the pot.”

Sasha is also a singer and believes WAGS is a great platform to showcase her talent. She has released two singles ‘Go Hard’ and ‘Oh Yeah (My Hitta)’ and has plans to eventually release an album.

In addition, she is also the force behind Dolling Extensions and Dolling Foundation, which was inspired by her friend Shenelle Scott-Escayg. The foundation was established to donate customised wigs to women who suffered hair loss due to traumatic events.

She intends to play with Tribe for Carnival 2017.



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