Navigating Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week

Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week, the most wonderful time of the year – after Christmas- for the food enthusiasts among us!

It’s the time of year when Trinbagonians are invited to feast at the best restaurants in the country, at unbeatable prices.

What more can we ask for?

If you’re relentless foodies like us at Life in Trinidad and Tobago, you’ll want to get your hands on every great deal at every restaurant during TTRW. But alas, the list of restaurants participating TTRW this year is long!

How can food lovers truly navigate their way through the week and make the most of it?

Do Your Research

Take note of the restaurants that are actually a part of the TTRW. There have been countless occasions where patrons go to restaurants expecting TTRW deals when there are none. Visit the TTRW Facebook page for consistent updates of the restaurants that will definitely a part of the promotion.

Access the Menu Beforehand

Consider the preferences and eating habits that you and your friends and family enjoy. Not all restaurants cater to everyone. Browse the menus beforehand and visit the restaurants with a variety of options that can cater to a wide array of preferences – from the young to the mature, the vegan to the meat lover. Some restaurants even have their extensive menus on their websites, with easy-to-use reservation forms, making your restaurant experience simple and effective. For instance, check out these online menus:

Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week

Make Reservations Early

After you’ve downloaded your menus, make your reservations. Don’t hesitate!

Everyone is just as excited as you are to be a part of this immersive experience of great food. Make a reservation at your favourite restaurant now to make sure you don’t miss out on the action.

Go Hungry, Leave Satisfied

No matter how big of an eater you are, take our advice and go hungry. Don’t have a big breakfast before you take advantage of the unbelievable 3-course meals available for $200 and under. Check out J. Malone’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, for instance!

Imagine paying only $200 and getting Thai Pineapple Shrimp Kebab (Appetizer), Spicy Guava BBQ Spare Ribs (Entrée), Piña Colada Cake (Dessert), and a complimentary Tequila Sunrise for Dinner! This is just one of the many $200 options you have at Trader Jack’s. They’ve clearly has you and your crew covered.

The competition between the participating restaurants will have you declaring the old Trini saying “Better belly buss dan good food waste” as your personal motto. Ordering delicious seconds and mouth-watering desserts would seem like the only sensible thing to do.

Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week

Atmosphere Delight

Lastly, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the pre-existing reputation of the restaurants you decide to visit for restaurant week. In addition to customer service, some restaurants carry with them a certain “vibe” that will essentially be just right for that romantic date, that exciting birthday party or that dinner with family. What type of atmosphere would you like to delight in whilst you feast on delectable dish after dish?

Strike early! Do your research! Walk with your fat pants! And lastly, go for the vibes! These are essentially the best ways get the most bang for your buck at TTRW 2019! Join the experience today!



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