How Long Should You Wait For The Ring? (Part I)

Meet Susan

Susan had seen it all, the wanderer, the chronic liar, the cheap skate and the mama’s boy, she had pretty much given up all hope of ever finding someone that was truly worth spending the rest of her life with…until Derick came along.

Derick was everything she ever hoped for. He was smart, respectful, boyishly charming and her family adored him. He was truly God sent, but in her moments of bliss she couldn’t help but remember, the time and energy she invested into her previous relationships that dissolved into nothing but regret.

Brought up in a home with parents whose marriage and love stood the test of time she already knew from the start, she wanted nothing more than to be able to find her bit of happiness like her parents found theirs.

Now let’s be honest with ourselves, undoubtedly every relationship has its own path. No two are the same and every couple’s story is different. So let’s just get right into it. How long is too long to be in a relationship without a proposal if you’re looking to get married?

Let’s Get Personal

I honestly believe the first thing needed is to figure out a realistic timeline for yourself. How long is too long, and what’s the absolute longest will you wait to be engaged?

At what point, will you throw in the towel and call it quits, freeing yourself of what may have felt like a dead-end relationship.

There are quite a few important factors to be considered when entering a relationship and those are the things that should be outlined and addressed.

If marriage and children are most important to you, be very open with your partner. You must be able to discuss freely your expectations and your plans for your future together. It is important that you’re both on the same page.

Forcing the issue and dropping hints here and there is not going to make him propose to you any sooner if he is not ready. Be open and be honest with each other, communication is key.

Remember every relationship is different. And a lot of it requires timing and what you desire from that said relationship.

At the end of the day, it is important to note that every relationship has its own journey to follow and you can’t force something into being. Waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right does require a bit of patience, but having a relationship that is healthy and equally fulfilling, will definitely be worth the wait.



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