Five Tips On How To Care For Gold-Plated Jewellery

Gold-plated jewellery is not just for those who may not be able to afford solid gold jewellery. In fact, over the years it has grown in popularity because of its practicality and its many designs to choose from.

What is gold-plating?

Gold-plating is the process whereby a thin layer of gold is placed to coat the surface of another metal. Therefore, to decrease the chances of wear and tear, extra care should be taken to maximise its lifespan. Here are a few quick and easy ways to help preserve the lustre of your gold-plated jewellery.


5 care tips for gold-plated jewellery

Wrap your jewellery in a soft cloth after cleaning or store separately in a jewellery box.

Do not spray perfume or other sprays while wearing your gold plated jewellery. Put on your jewellery after you have sprayed on perfume and applied your favourite lotion. By doing this,  the chemicals would not interact with your jewellery’s metal.

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Substances like oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, chlorine, perfume and the like may react with plated jewellery and cause it to tarnish. The same is true for sweat, so make sure to remove your gold -plated jewellery when you exercise or engage in any activity that would require heavy physical work.

Remove any dirt or dust that might have stuck to the jewellery after every use.  Use a soft cloth or a cotton ball. You can restore the shine to the gold-plated jewellery as well by rubbing its surface with a soft jewellery cloth.

Stay away from jewellery cleaners and antibacterial soaps. These substances may contain properties that will make your gold-plated jewellery tarnish more quickly.

Just like new

Finally, don’t despair if the thin layer of gold on your ring eventually wears off in spots. It can be fixed! Not all jewellers handle gold plating; call around or search the internet for a gold plating jeweller to have your favourite piece of jewellery looking new in no time!

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