Entertainment Pulse In Trinidad

The entertainment scene in Trinidad can be an electrifying social experience for both locals and foreigners alike.
From band launches to Carnival fetes and the spontaneous block parties just because “it’s a holiday”…we have it all. For eager teens and young adults who can’t wait to catch the first glimpse of the latest movies, our modern cinemas cater to that crowd.

For those who look forward to sunny days on the weekend our various beaches and rivers offer a surreal experience. For many, a beach/river lime is incomplete without some variation of drinks, pelau or curry duck.

Photo Credit: A.D.R Productions
Photo Credit: A.D.R Productions

For the truly adventurous, a trip on the Treasure Queen or Harbour Master takes you “down the islands” to the myriad of islands off the the coast of Trinidad.

Feeling for a stroll? Unwind as you relax on the Boardwalk or the Waterfront… and don’t miss the awesome diversity of our delicious local food vendors around the Queen’s Park Savannah. If you’re lucky you’ll be there to feel the melodious vibrations of the Steelpan orchestra or view our local artistes as they perform in the new NAPA building.



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