En ToTo launches its YAP Programme

En ToTo continues its journey along the road to achieving its mission: that of finding unique and creative ways that appeal to the youth in our communities in a positive way.  En ToTo sees the need to bring about a change in mind-sets that instils in our youth a different level of self-confidence and self-esteem; thereby allowing them to ‘see’ what is possible if they dare to explore their full potential.

One of their main challenges is to find ways to successfully merge the progressive standards of the modern-day world with old-school value systems.

The YOUTH AMBASSADOR PROGRAMME (YAP) is one such avenue!

Created by En ToTo, the YAP will take 20 students on a journey that will take them beyond the boundaries of our island nation and into the heart of one of the leading economies of the world!

This opportunity to meet with professors from reputable Colleges abroad will leave a lasting and profound impression on their young minds.

They will also have the chance to interact and engage with students from different social and cultural backgrounds on a one-on-one basis.  They will be encouraged to share and exchange personal goals and insights.

Of equal importance is the fact that they will leave more informed; with a clear and true understanding of what educational opportunities exist; and are more than achievable.

It is En ToTo’s  expectation that these students will come back and share their experiences with their peers; thereby expanding the outreach of the number of students impacted positively by this singular initiative!

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