It is easy to delve into the negatives of dating a sports junkie, but what if I told you that there are ways to adjust to your partner’s obsession, which in turn, may actually help you to enjoy sports, or, at least develop a greater appreciation and understanding for his/her passion for sports.

For the non-sport fan getting into a relationship with a sports junkie, this can only mean entering a world of endless broadcasts of football and cricket and the like, loud exclamations during matches, hugging of the television and computer, and even misunderstandings and frustration. Being the hard-core fan in my relationship, this is an all too familiar space. We often tend to think of the die-hard sports fan as more likely to be male, but likewise, there are avid female fans. Either way, the dilemma remains the same. How does one preserve a relationship with someone who puts a considerable amount of time, energy, finances and emotional investment into this “religion” known as sport?

Despite Not Understanding, Show Interest & Support

To the non-sport fan, as difficult as it may seem, try to show your support. You may not understand why your significant other spends a significant amount of time checking scores on their phone anxiously or angrily, but, take some time to learn a thing or two about your loved one’s passion. Try to show some interest by asking them some questions (even if you are the least bit interested). You can even surprise them by doing some research on your own. Don’t be too hard on yourself however, if you don’t grasp the concept of the sport(s) right away. Your partner will notice your eagerness to learn and will love and appreciate you even more for it.

If your partner actually plays a sport, soon enough you will find yourself looking forward to their return from practice sessions or games, eagerly awaiting the results or an update on the day’s happenings. How about taking a step further to actually attend a training session or two, or even that big upcoming match that you see them assiduously preparing for. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Look at the Positives

1. You are aware of their whereabouts

Are you always concerned about your partner’s whereabouts? This is one positive to dating a sports fanatic. More than likely, when they are not at work, they are at match, practice session or even a sport meeting (speaking from experience). If not, they are engrossed in some game on the television. Find comfort in knowing that they are spending time doing something that they love, which is fun and safe (for the most part).

2. Buying presents is easy

We often hear couples contemplating on what to buy for their significant other. Gifting becomes so easy when shopping for a sports junkie because you can easily buy them sport gears, sport kits, their favourite team/player’s T-shirt or even a DVD of their favourite game. Not to mention, if you manage to get tickets for that big upcoming match in the stadium, or better yet, arrange for special passes to meet their favourite player, trust me, they will be in tears and you will win their hearts all over again.

3. Opportunity for ‘me’ time

While they spend time doing what they love, take this as an opportunity to do the things that you love as well. Embrace this time to spend with family or friends, engaging in your own interests, running some errands or just simply relaxing in another room. Soon enough, you may find yourself just as excited for game day as your sports junkie is.

4. Loyal to the game and to love

Unbelievably, sport junkies are very loyal, not just to their game or practice, but to their significant other as well. They are passionate lovers too. They know how to cheer you up when you are feeling down and they always have a way to make you feel special.

So, to the non-sports fan, be open-minded and understanding. To the hardcore fan, be patient and considerate, and remember that despite your love for sports, strike the right balance with your relationship.

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