Carnival on a Budget

It is just a few weeks away from what has been dubbed the greatest show on earth. The time of year when beautiful people, from all over the world assemble in our twin isle to partake in the revelry; the jamming, the liming the nonstop feteing. Anticipation is brewing in the minds everyone who has waited around 365 days for this. The bliss!!!

Like everything though, this experience has a cost attached. For those of us who play mas and fete, there is no denying that Carnival is a costly venture. Money is always on the minds of the average person who wants to get their monies worth and still have that grand experience.

Ok…we’re in an economic downturn. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun right? So instead of splurging on all the high-end options, here are a few suggestions that would ensure that you are able to enjoy the season in all its glory even on a strict budget.

Free to Fete

As a frugal feter, the ideal way to save would be to not pay to go to as many events as possible. One way to do this is by accessing complimentary tickets. Call that socialite you went to preschool with and see if they can link you with a few comps for all the hottest events. Another way to not pay for tickets is if you win them. There are always Carnival give ways in the newspaper and on the radio. Tune in and pay attention. You may be that lucky seventh caller with the accurate access phrase.

The all-inclusive food and drink events are also the place to be with all the local celebrities. If all you really care about is having a time with your friends, the cooler fetes are an excellent alternative. Fill your cooler with whatever your crew drinks and you are set for the night. Who can drink $200 US in champagne in 6 hours anyways?


Going several events a week means that you will be contemplating the contents of your closet. Most of us have a reasonable amount of clothes. Save yourself a few dollars by simply recycling a few of the outfits used last carnival. Trust me, no one will notice because no one cares.

On the Road

Some people run down the much larger bands at the promise of an experience that can only be received from them. To be honest, sometimes the same amenities promised can be accessed from the smaller less popular bands who sell their costumes at a fraction of the costs. The cost of a backline costume in the larger bands can afford you with a much more elaborately embellished costume in other bands. Don’t follow the hype. All masqueraders will be jumping to the very same songs on Monday and Tuesday.

Getting your make-up professionally done for the road has been more commonplace. This does not come cheap though. So to avoid the unnecessary costs visit the craft store and pick up the face jewels to match your costume, have a friend or family member help you apply them. Practice makes perfect, so in the weeks before carnival, practice the look you wish to have for the road.

The most important piece of advice for enjoying the carnival season in a recession is to plan ahead and decide what is necessary and what is not.

And as one of the more popular songs for Carnival 2017 states, “ Economy could bun down, we jammin still we jamming,” Ultimate Rejects, ft MX Prime.



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