Back on Their Feet After the Big Flood

The great flood of October 2018 caused a lot of pain and hardship throughout Trinidad, and some communities, families and public facilities have taken longer than others to recover. As a nation, T&T showed that its collective heart was big and generous. Donors and help came in all forms, and for one pre-school in St Helena, its unlikely partner was an energy and construction firm, the Proman Group.

St Helena was one of the areas worst affected by the floods. Their iconic Early Childhood Care and Education Centre (ECCE), a school for three to five-year olds, had to be closed. The flood waters not only made access to the building impossible… they also created insanitary, unhealthy conditions.


The centre’s 50 children had their education interrupted for months. That’s when the Proman Group stepped in. Volunteers from the company got to work in December on not just restoring the school, but making it better than it was before.

And so, on the first day of February in the new year, the children got their school back. And, with poetry, they celebrated its re-opening. It was no small matter for them, or for St Helena. I represented a big step back towards the resumption of normal life, and on the road to recovery.

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