A Carnival Dilemma: Taking Sand to the Beach

The Debate: Should you or should you not?

Navigating the Carnival scene with your relationship “in tack” is the ultimate relationship goal. This is a contentious issue that is all too real for some couples. The combination of alcohol, Soca and the abundance of singles can be a recipe for disaster for some couples. It is even trickier when one or both partners are insecure or jealous. Could it be that it comes with the season as Carnival is bacchanal after all? Or is it “norms” as Trinis would say, to fête with friends and even strangers while in the company of your partner as anything goes at Carnival time?

Taking Sand to the Beach

Participating in social events with your partner is a great way to spend time together, which keeps the relationship alive and breaks the monotony of routine activities.  Supporters of “taking sand to the beach” have contended that it is possible to enjoy the season with your significant other devoid of conflict. To do this requires a level of respect, trust and understanding by both parties. In the words of a true Trini, “It’s just a wine”, “It’s Carnival” or “There is nothing wrong with looking once you do not touch”.

Essentially, the foundation for a healthy relationship is built on mutual respect. Respect means valuing your partner’s feelings and wishes, which is communicated through your verbal and non-verbal cues. It means therefore, that boundaries must be established that both parties are comfortable with.

However, there is a fine line between respect and disrespect, which is often the basis of most arguments. Maybe it is a matter of perspective as some believe that by not wining on someone other than your partner or not gaping while in the presence of your significant other is sign of respect.

Getting your free papers signed

Carnival is a means of escape from reality, even if it is for the season. As funny as “getting your free papers signed” sounds, it resonates with a lot of couples. With trepidation of the impending drama and embarrassment that ensues when couples fall out during Carnival time, some choose to leave their partners at home.

While this seems like a viable option, getting your significant other to sign your free papers may not be that easy. If there is a lack of trust, respect and understanding, your free papers might very well ‘bun’ before it is even signed or special conditions or restrictions may apply to the said “Carnival pass”. Interestingly enough, there are also persons who prefer to end their relationship so that they do not have to seek permission.

There is no right or wrong answer since it is all based on the individual, as each relationship is different. Do what works for you!



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