5 Things You Need to Know About MH Tactical

Are you looking to develop solid fundamental skills in tactical training, to manoeuvre through your home competently and confidently in or around your vehicle with your pistol, carbine, or shotgun, if faced with a violent confrontation? Doing this with the utmost safety to protect and not harm any innocent persons?

To do this, you will agree that you will need certified firearms instructors with the relevant combative experience to provide you with a solid training foundation. You also need a spacious training facility with all the necessary safety mechanisms and state of the art equipment that can give you real-life simulation experiences for almost every possible ambush scenario that may occur. Finding a tactical training facility that gives you all this can be difficult in this part of the world. Does such a facility really exist?

The answer is YES. Have you heard of MH Tactical Training Resort?

Either yes or no, I will tell you 5 things you need to know about MH Tactical Training Resort.

MH Tactical Response Group Company Limited (MHTRG) established in 2009 is a specialised training company and certified firearms’ dealer.

MHTRG has highly trained tactical and specialized instructors, with local and international operational experience in the field of national security, with over 80 years of cumulative tactical experience. Instructor training spans countries such as the United States, Germany, Russia, Israel, and El Salvador.

Enough of the introduction, you can read more about MH Tactical Response Group from the website

Here are five things you need to know about MH Tactical Response Group:

1. MH Tactical is a Certified Firearms Dealer

MH Tactical is a specialized supplier of Firearms, Ammunition, Security and Tactical Equipment in the Caribbean.

As a certified and licensed Firearms Dealer, MH Tactical carries trusted brands such as Sig Sauer, GLOCK, Zev Technologies, CZ, Heckler & Koch, KelTec and Benelli at competitive prices.

If you need firearms for personal and military use, MH Tactical can also help with Custom and Speciality Imports.

2. MH Tactical Offers Classroom Courses in Security Awareness and Survival Training

Training programs provide you with knowledge of Security Awareness at home, work and in transit as well as other specialized Escape from Captivity and survival courses.
You learn about firearms safety, the proper cleaning and maintenance of your firearms, options of concealment carry to best suit your lifestyle, the legalities of owning and using firearms, guided by the Firearms Act of Trinidad and Tobago, in self-defence scenarios and how to treat with immediate medical emergencies associated with firearms and knife wounds.

3. Offers Female Only Training Courses

It is natural for females to feel uncomfortable in the midst of men during active tactical training. Like Anna-Marie Metivier-Hernandez, our co-founder, we are passionate about female empowerment through real-life simulated tactical training.

MH Tactical offers regular female Only Training Courses led by Top Female Instructors!
We believe it is important to have ‘safe spaces’ that encourage women to empower each other to learn to protect themselves and build confidence in their abilities.

4. MH Tactical Training Resort has the largest open air shooting bays in the Caribbean.

Located on Mt. Catherine Road, Chaguaramas, MH Tactical has some of the largest shooting bays in the Caribbean.

The spacious shooting and training bays help to accommodate real-life simulation and scenarios during training with activities including moving and spinning targets, shooting from moving vehicles, entering, and exiting your home in a violent encounter, emergency response courses and much more!

The resort includes a resident refreshment centre where you can enjoy delicious pastries, wraps and artisan coffee.

We offer a wide array of trendy sportwear to make training more comfortable, as well as carry holsters, belts, magazines, backpacks etc.

5. Becoming an exclusive member is easy

Becoming a member of the MH Tactical Training Resort is as easy as filling out the form here

As a member, you have exclusive privileges of private training sessions at discounted prices, first preference to attend exclusive training courses offered by local and international instructors, invitations to exclusive events hosted by the Training Resort and discounted ammunition prices.

If you have any questions about MH Tactical Response Group, you can visit our website at www.mhtacticalresponse.com or follow our social media @ (Mhtactical)



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